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Saturday, May 14, 2011
Registration is Now Open!

Sockwell Center for Professional Development
6301 Chapel Hill Blvd
Plano, Texas 75093

edcampPlano Organizers:
Matt Arend - @matthew_arend
Stacy Kimbriel - @skimbriel
Matt Gomez - @Matt_Gomez
Kelly Hamilton - @HamiltonKelly

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Are you interested in helping out or attending?
Log onto wikispaces and request to join our wiki. Once added please add your name to the spreadsheet below by using the edit button.

How You Would Like to Help
Matt Arend
Mckinney, TX
Organizer, Locating Venue, Obtaining Sponsors
Matt Gomez
Organizer, Matt Arend's Minon, Photographer
Kelly Hamilton

Murphy, TX
Obtaining Sponsors, Meet and Greet, Presenting Technology and Literature
Susan Smith

Katy, TX
???? unsure but interested
Angela Stewart

Frisco, TX
attending only
Diane Lutz

Plano, TX
Presenter, video or PPT welcoming piece
Joe Virant
Houston, TX
Hoping to attend, happy to present
Jennifer Methvin

McKinney, TX
Attending, Would love to help
Deborah Bonner

Plano, TX
Happy to help organize, present,set up, etc.
Stacy Kimbriel

Plano, TX
Organize, promote, beg, borrow, present, whatever needs to be done!
Paul R Wood
What is your IT Vision
Dallas, TX
Will gladly do whatever I can. Hope to travel to one before this one.
Mary Long

Plano, TX
Attend, willing to help out
Diane Dahl
Edmond, OK
Presenting about brain based teaching,
and doing anything else that needs to be done.
Anastasia Suen
Plano, TX
Planning to attend.
Mikey Ames
Murphy, TX
I'd be happy to present, write, coach, consult and call bs on Matt (both of em)
Chris Bigenho
Wylie, TX
Happy to help with sessions and anywhere else you need me.
Donna Bills

Gainesville, TX
Planning to attend. Willing to help any way that I can. Would love to help promote the event to other educators, especially librarians, in my region.
Ann Blackman

Frisco TX
Planning to attend. Will help promote the event. Let me know what else is needed.
Jon Samuelson
Austin, TX
Planning to attend, willing to help out presenting or whatever, my specialties are mobile learning, setting up a school iPod lab, Smartboards, and setting up a PLN using Twitter.
Darryl Loy
Fort Worth, TX
Willing to help...will present, help set up, write, promote or just attend...whatever is needed.
Jeff Windsor

Denton, TX
Willing to help, planning to attend.
Jacqueline Kennedy

Frisco, TX
Present, setup, organize, coordinate tasks
Kevin Kennedy

Plano, TX
Happy to help out, organize, set up, etc.
Celaina Huckeba
http://huckhistory.wordpress.com (it is only my daily agenda)
Irving, TX
Planning to attend and happy to help promote, organize, set-up, etc.
Shelly Hugghins
White Oak, TX
Planning to attend, happy to help in any way to make edcampPlano a success
Richardson, TX
Present, organize, whatever is needed
Rebecca Augustine

Coppell, TX
Planning to attend and willing to help
Toni Dowdy

Coppell, TX
Planning to attend, would love to present!
April Floyd
Marketing. Promoting edcampPlano among DFW ISD's? COE's? Perhaps present IOL presentation if interested.
Deana Senn
Austin, TX
Willing to present or help out with anything the day of. Specialty is instructional strategies and curriculum planning
Alli Pryor
Coppell TX
Planning to attend and maybe present!
Vanessa Levin
Plano, TX
Willing to present on benefits & use of technology in early childhood classrooms. Will tweet event & post on blog & FB page
Amber Teamann
Murphy, TX
Whatever is needed! already helpN promote in GISD, willing to help present, or volunteer, just whatev!
Stuart Burt
Mount Pleasant, TX
I am going to attend and possibly bring a van full of teachers with me. I will present if needed.
Chris Fancher
Round Rock, TX
Planning on attending. Willing to help out that day and can present if needed.
Lisa Paine

McKinney, TX
Planning on attending. I would like to present and help out as needed.
Linda Willard

McKinney, Tx
Planner to attend. I would like to present and help out as needed.
John Mynatt

Irving, TX
Planning to attend and promote. Can present if needed.
Elaine Plybon
Irving, TX
Planning to attend. Would be happy to present, also.
Martha Umana

Plano, TX
Planning to attend. Will like to present or help as needed.
Jason Kern
Fort Worth, TX
Happy to present or help in any way
Jackie King
No blog, but maintain a resource wiki at http://pcainstech.pbworks.com
Plano, TX
Hoping to attend; available to present and/or assist as needed.
Andrea Keller
Irving, TX
planning to attend- love presenting over using 21st century technology with students with special needs
Angela Smyers

Planning to attend & present
Ashley Gilliam

Richardson, TX
Planning to attend. Happy to promote!
Michelle King

Coppell, TX
attending, setup, checkin participants, great at greeting and making people feel welcome
Brandi Rosales
Lewisville, TX
Attending, promoting, volunteering, & presenting if needed. :)
Heather Cato
Amy Rasmussen
Grapevine, TX
Carrollton, TX
Attending, promoting, presenting -- possibly about professional growth using technology
Dawn Adams
McKinney, Tx
Attending, promoting, available to present session if needed
Zurie Tafciu

Wylie, TX
Attending, helping presenting, planning, and organizing. I currently present to staff & district and promote technology.
Cynthia Alaniz
This is our classroom blog. We invite you to read and comment!
Coppell, Tx
Attending and possibly sharing---! I'm a newbie at all of this, but I am eager to learn from experts!
Jennifer Lawrence

no blog but here is my email jlawrence@mckinneyisd.net
McKinney, TX
Planning on attending!! Can't wait
Lisa Thibodeaux

Plano, TX
Attending... :)
Cindy Wolfe
How do you all have time to Blog??? None for me
Coppell, TX
Attending and can demo how to make some really cool kaliescope type animations in PowerPoint on PCs. Sorry MAC folks but PP doesn't have the same effects and timing and aren't nearly as cool.

Coppell, TX
attending and happy to help the day of the event
Jennifer Ralston
Dallas, TX
Presenting, promoting, attending and anything else I can help with!
Martha Preston
Plano, TX
Garland, TX
attending, definitely! and whatever else is needed!
Ramona Lowe
@Doclo11 ramlo714@gmail.com

Lewisville, TX
attending, presenting on data misinformation
Greg Garner
Tyler, TX
attending; willing to help as needed :)
Carrie Ross

Round Rock, TX
Attending and willing to help in any way needed.
Allison Lopez
Irving, TX
Rebecca King

Rockdale, TX
Lenette Pruetz
Just a class blog to share student work with parents http://conditlab.weebly.com/condit-lab-blog.html
Houston, Texas
Attending :-)
Irene Kistler
San Antonio, TX
Attending :)
Justin Stortz
Pursuing Context
McKinney, TX
Attending, facilitating discussion on brain breaks
Chris Vacek
Wichita, KS
Attending, Anything you need me to do, good with A/V, available to present of needed
Wendy Miller

Murphy, TX

Edwin Hood
An older blog I haven't touched in a year. Have not been inspired until edcamp
Garland, TX
Wherever I am needed. Better at helping to organize, register, and of course attending.